Monday, 21 May 2012

A Picnic and Seaglass

We've been having EXTREMELY beautiful weather lately and have been enjoying every bit of it. Since it was so nice yesterday, we decided to have a picnic for lunch. I packed a lunch for us after church and we drove down to Pumpkin Head Island and ate our dinner on the beach.

Our view while we ate!

Pumpkin Head Lighthouse

After we were done lunch we walked the beach there looking for sea glass. We found a few pieces, but there wasn't much beach to search on, so Matt decided to take me to the beach by his family's camp. He said sea glass can always be found there. We had a grand time walking the beach looking for our "treasure",and when it was time to go we had a whole travel mug full of clear, brown, green, mauve, white and blue sea glass. Matt said blue is the hardest color to find, so we were both excited when we each were able to find a piece of blue! :-) When all of the different colored pieces were put together in a jar, they made a beautiful, nautical decoration for our house! :-)

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Carol Baker said...

Love those shades