Friday, 1 June 2012

Do you like my bracelet???

I made it myself!!! :-)

A little while ago I found some handmade jewelry on the Internet that I wanted to buy. When I asked Matt if I could get it, his reply was, "You should try your hand at making jewelry. I bet you'd be good at it!" That was all I needed to spur me on since I already had been tossing the idea around myself. After spending a couple of weeks researching how to do it, Matt took me to a bead shop and bought me some supplies. This is my first creation. I still have a lot more to learn, but I'm enjoying using my imagination to create beautiful pieces of jewelry! :-)

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment with your opinions. Any ideas or helpful hints would be appreciated! :-)


Matt McFarland said...

Very nice, Sweetheart! I showed Susan and she commented that you were a very tallented and creative person! Xoxoxo

Damaris Baker said...

Ma and I think it is very pretty. Maybe I might get one sometime:)

Vicki said...

@ Matt
Awww...thanks for being my loyal fan, and a wonderful advertiser for me! Xoxo

@ Damaris
Thanks!! You never know when one might show up in your mailbox or something! ;)

Laura H. said...

Very nice!! You always did like to do crafty sort of things. Are you going to show us some pictures of you with your contacts?

Vicki said...

@ Laura
Yes, I'll show up in one of these posts...just haven't taken any pics of me with my contacts yet! Keep your eyes peeled...a "contacts" post is coming soon! :-)