Thursday, 28 June 2012

"little touches"

Matt and I both love adding "little touches" to our house to make it look better and feel more "homey". We have a TON of schemes and plans that we would someday like to do to the house. We are taking one project at a time as we are able to, and this was our Tuesday project!! :)



Our kitchen had four recessed lights in the ceiling when we bought the house. They were fine, but sometimes we found it a little dark, especially in the evenings. So we bought these really easy conversion kits to make the kitchen brighter, and add some style to the kitchen! :) All you have to do is screw the fixture into the recessed light pocket, adjust it to your desired length, screw in a lightbulb, and enjoy your new fixtures!! ;) We were surprised at how much extra light we get and we love the little touch of style it added over our kitchen table!


Damaris Baker said...

Looks really cute!! I never noticed lights there when we visited:)

Matt McFarland said...

You take such good care of our house, Hon! I love you!

Laura H. said...

Pretty snazzy!! You'll soon be the Martha Stewart of Maine.
Love your sis

Vicki said...

Thanks!! There were lights there, just not very noticeable! :)
(smile) I love you more!!!
Martha Stewart does fly into Maine quite often, but I will never be Martha myself! :) Love you!