Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First attempt at cake decorating

Tuesday June 19th, was Dad and Mom McFarland's 30th wedding anniversary. Matt and I hosted a family BBQ to celebrate. Matt's sister Pam is the real cake decorator, but since she had to work, I was the one to decorate the cake. I borrowed her icing recipe, decorating book, and icing tips and headed into my kitchen with a slight bit of fear nervousness to begin the decorating process.
I had watched Pam decorate a couple of cakes, and had helped her decorate one, but this was the first one all on my own. It wasn't perfect, and my icing bags broke THREE times (aggghhhh!!!!) before I was done! I'm so VERY thankful for the decorating book Pam lent me, so I at least knew what tips to use, and the technique I needed to use to get a finished result! :)
Here is the end product!

Green is the 30th anniversary color, so the flowers and lettering HAD to be green! :)

Dad and Mom cutting the cake!



Carol Baker said...

looks good to me.Love Ma

Laura H. said...

What kind of cake?? Looks like you did great.

Vicki said...

@ Mom
Thanks!! Love you!! :)

@ Laura
Just a white cake, but my favorite white cake recipe from Mrs. McLean! ;)