Friday, 27 September 2013

Cozy Jammies

This post is a little outdated because these jammies no longer fit Brett, but I still thought the pictures were cute enough to share. These were taken on one of the first colder fall nights we had earlier this month.

"What are you looking at? There is nothing to see here!"
 "You better not be laughing at my jammies!!"

"You're just laughing because you wish YOU had jammies like mine with fur around the hood and sleeves....

....AND a hood that sticks up to a point just like the smurf hats do."

"'re REALLY laughing now??"
"This is my 'not amused' face."

  "OK, since you are laughing already, I'll give you something to laugh about......."

"....This is what happens when folks find hilarity in the clothes I wear!!! Watch out before you laugh next never know what I might do!" *wink*


Carol Baker said...

So cute!Hugs and kisses from grandma.

johnnfawn said...

Too funny! I think that he has an attitude already and truly his parents have given it to him since he isn't even near talking yet. What fun! I love you Little Brett! said...

Brett is so funny and cute

Laura H. said...

Like mother, like son!! ha ha