Saturday, 12 October 2013

Three Months

So our little man is 4 months old now, but I'm just getting around to posting his three month pictures. They didn't all turn out exactly as I had hoped as you will see, but we still managed to get some cute ones.

For some reason he was terrified of the larger pumpkin in the above pictures. Every time I put it near him he would cry.

So we ended up with pictures like this where he was wailing....

....or beginning to wail!

And we ended up with pictures like this where he has red eyes from wailing.
There was only one place he was content to sit in, and the lighting was terrible in that spot, hence the bluish hue of the third picture. Haha....when I think about the ordeal I went through to get these, I have to laugh, but it wasn't so hilarious to either of us at the time. He was so adorable though, and was very forgiving as soon as I took the pumpkin away and picked him up.
Enjoy the pictures of our little three month old!


Carol Baker said...

Getting sooooo big!Grandma noticed his work boots.Lots and lots of love from grandma.

Damaris Baker said... cute! I didn't even recognize him at first glance he has grown so much! Such a big boy!!!

Laura H. said...

Hahaha!! Oh d-d-dear!!! Is Piglet afraid of big orange things?? He is growing up big.

Tim Lewis said...

oh he is soo cute Tory!!! He is such a little man!!!

johnnfawn said...

Aw I've been dying for more pictures. Thank you so much! What a beautiful job you do with your own photography. said...

They r cute picture for sure