Monday, 14 October 2013

Our Little Buddy

Brett had his 4 month checkup today, and he weighs a whopping 13lb. 11.5 oz. and is 25 inches long. He had to have four shots as well, and was such a trooper about having them. He actually didn't cry when they stuck the needle in, but that all changed when they started injecting the serum. :) He settled down as soon as they were done, though and was smiling by the time we left the doctors office.
He is such a good natured little fella, and is usually very jolly. He makes the cutest little baby noises now, and I often just have to sit down and talk to him because he is SO adorable. 
I find myself snapping pictures of him every day, because he is either doing something adorable, or is sleeping so peacefully that I just can't resist taking ANOTHER picture of him sleeping. ;) So without further ado, here are a TON of photos of our little Buddy that I have taken over the last month or so.

Auntie Nessa gave Brett some bibs, and they have been a huge laundry saver. :)

An adorable outfit Grammie Limeburner gave him.(Except for the shoes.... Auntie Nessa and Uncle John gave him the shoes.)

Mommy's little teddy bear.

One of my favorite pair of jammies he has. They just look so "Winky-ish". (And they're snuggly and soft) 

In his bunting bag that helps keep him warm while he is outside with Mommy.

Peacefully snoozing in his car seat after prayer meeting one night.

A messy chin after one of his bottles.

I love how he totally relaxes when he sleeps. He is completely chilled in this picture.

All dressed up for church.

He sleeps just like his Dad. ;)

One of Matt's favorite pictures of our buddy. 

A mid morning nap. I loved how he had his arm propped up just chillin. 

I bundled him up one afternoon and took him outside with me while I was painting. I heard some noises from the stroller and went over to check on him to find his hat rather askew.

One chilly evening when we were going out, I put him in a snowsuit. He looked so precious with the ears on the hood.

Winks fell asleep while helping me make donuts the other day, and when I looked down, he was snoozing away quietly with his hands folded like a good little boy. :)

It looked like he was wearing a pirate's bandana when he had his tubby the other day, so we played pirates. He was Pirate Willy Winky, and Mommy was held hostage on his ship until she would give him a bottle. He even emailed Daddy and told him he would have to come home and fight the fierce pirate to get his wife back. ;)

Wee Willy Winky's hat is officially too small. He looks mortified that I would snap a picture of him wearing it. Haha.

His favorite nap time spot.

The outfit he wore to church yesterday. He wiggles around in his car seat so much that it pulls his hat down over his eyes. He looked so silly that I had to take a picture. 

What is cuter than a little boy in a pair of denim overalls? He looks like he is singing in this picture, really he is just talking to me.


johnnfawn said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! How sweet and how big! 25 inches!? I think Carlie was that long at her four month appointment too. I wish I could hear his little chats. I think he does look a little like Matt in a few of the pictures. Usually I think he looks most like you.

Carol Baker said...

Love seeing all the pics of grandma's and kisses

Tim Lewis said...

Oh my goodness Tory!!!! Soo adorable!!! It seems like he is growing sooo fast!!!! We love you all sooo much!!!!!

Laura H. said...

He is a growing boy!! I love the last picture-it looks just like his father singing. His cousin is a much wilder sleeper. I wouldn't dare leave Gilbert on the couch!! He'd be on the floor in two seconds. The joys of "farm kids" ha ha