Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Great White Hunter

I had the "Great White Hunter" stay at my house the other day. He was not your average hunter though, because he carried no gun, bow and arrows, or machete. He did not stalk his prey or use his deer calls. He DID wear camouflage, though because we all know that every hunter wears camouflage.
He allowed me to take a picture of him while he stayed with me. Would you like to see a picture of this mighty hunter?

Here he is!
 Doesn't he look brave, strong, and mighty? You can tell from his face that he is a no nonsense type of guy. If I were a bear and met him in the woods, I would be TERRIFIED of this fearsome hunter.

I had some time to chat with the great hunter while he was at my house, and I learned quite a bit about him.
His favorite game to hunt is bottles....they are the tastiest! Not bear, not moose, just bottles.
Blowing on deer calls is not his cup of tea either. He would much rather just suck on a pacifier.

No need to stalk his favorite prey either. That is just WAY too much work. All you need to do is cry....make it a loud wail, mind you, and Mommy will promptly hand you your favorite game (a bottle).
You all may be thinking that this method of hunting sounds pretty easy, but make no mistake......

....he assured me it's very tiring work. It's rigorous being the Great White Hunter, and it tires a fella out!

*All of this to say, I love the little "camo" onesie the Bamfords bought Brett before he was even born. :-)


johnnfawn said...

SO adorable and well written! I miss Brett very much but I must say I think he looks a bit chubbier than when we left! That must be because the hunting is so good in Maine! Love you guys.

Carol Baker said...

Much love and kisses to the great white hunter from his grandma.love the onesie.

Laura H. said...

Laughing so hard!! We will have to get the "Great White Hunter" together with his cousin the "Great Grass Farmer" sometime soon. I'm sure they would have a lot to discuss.