Thursday, 15 August 2013


Brett was a little more sleepy and not feeling quite so well yesterday, from getting vaccinations the day before. Six different vaccines is a lot for a little boy! He was a sweetheart though, and he and Mommy just had some extra snuggle time.

He slept like this most of the morning. Who could not love that adorable face???
Because he was so good yesterday, Daddy decided to have a special story time with him before bedtime last night. They were so cute together that I just had to snap a picture. :-)


johnnfawn said...

Awww...not ouchies for the little guy. He's too little for ouchies! But there's nothing like a snuggle with Daddy and a Johnny story for making all the troubles of the day go away.

Carol Baker said...

So sweet!Looks like he is enjoying the story and taking it all in.Love and kisses.Grandma