Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Daddy and Me

Just a few pictures I've snapped over the past few days. Brett loves spending time with his Daddy, and Daddy loves it just as much! They usually have snuggle time together first thing in the morning and when Daddy comes home from work. Quite a few evenings they will have story time together as well. Brett usually falls asleep before the story is finished but that's OK. :-)

Or maybe most of all they enjoy taking a snooze together! *wink*


Carol Baker said...

Oh isn't he growing!I think he is going to have curls.Sweet pics.Such a good Daddy.Love and kisses from grnadma.

johnnfawn said...

I love these pictures! Doesn't seeing baby with his daddy remind you of all the reasons you fell in love with him to begin with. These days are so priceless.
Sometimes I just hold Carlie Jane while she's sleeping and just feel her being little in my arms so I'll keep the memory for ever when she's far to big to hold but I'll wish I could.