Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fall Decorations

The weather is feeling "fallish" now.... cool mornings and nights, cooler temperatures in the daytimes... and that has given me the "apple cider- colored leaves- pumpkin spice scent" kind of thoughts. I think my husband got those same kind of thoughts as well, because he took me shopping the first Tuesday in September and let me pick out some fall decorations. Our house is all decorated now, and feels and smells very festive! :-) Maybe we jumped the gun just a hair when we decorated the first Tuesday in September, but I don't care... I LOVE the fall season!
Here is a quick tour of our decorated house for you!

Matt found this little wagon when we were shopping, and we both thought it was C.U.T.E.!!! He filled it with the leaves, gourds, pumpkins, etc. and randomly sprinkled some leaves around it! I added a couple of candles I had picked up.... and WOW!!! the top of our extra cupboard in the kitchen popped!! We LOVE it!!

I found this in the decorating section of our local pharmacy. I gave you a panoramic view of the little shade so you can see what it looks like all the way around. It makes a perfect table centerpiece... and the pumpkin spice candle smells AMAZING when we light it!

Again my man came to the rescue to help me out with my limited decorating abilities! :-) He helped me arrange these little blocks so that they weren't just placed in a straight line, by putting them in a semi-circle and adding some height to them with the acorn block. I think it was just what the gun cabinet needed to fill the "empty space" on that side.

We can't leave our fireplace undecorated!! We found a bag of all of these decorative pumpkins/gourds for $3, and as soon as we saw it, we knew we were going to decorate the fireplace with them. Here is a view from both ends of the fireplace. The tart burner is currently burning an apple cinnamon scent, but I also have pumpkin spice scent for it as well. :-)

Our coffee table centerpiece. Matt helped me decide which centerpiece I or apples... we finally decided on the apple one. I think we picked well. :-)

Our wreath over the front door. So pretty!!

Mrs. Bamford gave me these adorable little pumpkins that she grew... I think they are SO CUTE!!! I'm thinking I will try to grow these Jack-be-Little pumpkins next year myself.

My little pumpkin candle holder. A little fall addition to our half wall! :-)


Damaris Baker said...

Very festive!! Ma thinks so too!
Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving!!!! Ma&Maris

Laura H. said...

Wow!! You're way ahead of me!! I hadn't given decorating for fall a thought. I was thinking about how I needed to wash windows not decorate.
Oh well!!