Thursday, 6 September 2012

Backyard Visitor

This past Sunday was a cold, rainy day, but this little visitor in our backyard brought a ray of sunshine to our day!

I happened to look out the kitchen window as I was making lunch, and there this sweet little fellow was quietly munching on leaves. I was so excited to see him so close to our house, that I stopped mid-sentence in what I was talking to Matt about, and called him over to see. My man immediately pulled out his phone and snapped these pictures so that I could share them here on the blog.

Our little "Bambi" probably grazed 5-10 minuted before bouncing off into the woods. Matt and I just stood there enjoying watching the little fellow who seemed to have no clue that there were eyes watching him. He didn't seem afraid at all even though he was quite close to the house.
It was just a special little treat for us both to enjoy, that added to our rainy day. :-)
Just a few minutes ago I looked out my kitchen window again and what to my surprise......

"Bambi" is back!!!! And he brought his Momma this time!!! How did he know I blogged about him this morning?!?!? 


Carol Baker said...

cute!Hope that is the only wild life there.Love Ma

Laura H. said...

Bambi is very cute!!