Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 1

It seems as though Christmas came and went in a flash this year!! I had every intention of being overly prepared for the festive season, and even began Christmas shopping early, but then a wonderful thing called "morning sickness" overtook me, and I ended up scrambling around at the last minute trying to get everything ready in time.
 Morning sickness or not, we did enjoy our Christmas season immensely, especially with a little boy around our house who enjoyed every aspect of Christmas so thoroughly this year. I don't think Christmas would be half as fun, if there weren't little people around to share in the wonder of the season. Everything is new and fresh to them, and every new decoration put up or present wrapped is a cause for exclamation and excitement in their eyes. I loved watching Brett's eyes light up this year every time we lit the advent wreath, and smiled with pride as I watched him learn how to blow out the candles all by himself.  I enjoyed watching him point to the Christmas tree with a big "OOOHHH" face as we lit it for the first time, and treasured each moment of watching him tear the wrapping paper piece by piece off his presents, and anybody else's that would offer him a turn at opening their present.
I want to cherish the memories of this past Christmas forever in my mind. Next Christmas we will be a family of four, and although we are beyond excited to meet the newest little member of our family, there was something special about being able to make memories with just Brett.

 We decorated the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The day was extra special because Matt had the day off and was able to decorate with us.

 Brett had to pull his special Christmas hat out and wear it for the occasion.

 He enjoyed "helping" by pulling things out of the Christmas box and exclaiming with excitement "OOHH" at every new thing he pulled out.

 Brett had to go for a nap halfway through our decorating, but when he woke up and Daddy brought him out of his room, his face was priceless when he saw all of the decorations we had put up.

His favorite decoration was the train that Daddy got to go around the bottom of our Christmas tree this year. He stood staring in amazement the first time Daddy turned it on for him to see.

Brett even got his very own Christmas window clings to decorate the window in his bedroom.

The first Thursday in December we got together with Matt's family to go get our Christmas trees. We always make a big celebration out of it and decorate a tree at one family's that night, and then at the other family's house the next night. We make a special supper and have a party, while we decorate the tree. We decorated our tree the first night, and Dad and Mom's tree the next night.

 Looking for the perfect tree is always half of the fun of getting the Christmas tree. And of course, Matt and Dad have to try to out do each other claiming that their respective trees are the best! :-)

 Brett helped Daddy cut down our Christmas tree this year. (Or in his words, "Daddy helped him cut down the Christmas tree.")

Pam cut down the Christmas tree for their house. We were so happy she was able to come along to pick out the tree this year! Usually she has to work, and only gets home in time to decorate it.

The tree going through the "Grinch machine."

Helping Grampie cut the string before putting the tree up. 

 Getting the lights on.

"Helping" with the lights.

The finished project.

Enjoying a drink at the party.

The next night we went over to Grampie and Grammie's and helped them decorate their tree.


johnnfawn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas moments with us. I love all the pictures and can so easily visualize every minute. I think I like the last two pictures the best though. Someday we'll be together for Christmas again. We love you so much!

Tim Lewis said...

Thank you so much for sharing the magic of Christmas this year!!! I do miss it so much, and can't wait to see what Christmas in New Guinea will be like!!! And as you said, it's so sweet to discover Christmas again with your kids!!! It's the best!!! Love you all!!!