Thursday, 15 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 2

We had our Christmas Cantata at church the Sunday evening before Christmas, and Brett was part of it this year. Of course, he needed to get dressed up for the occasion, and I tried to grab a nice picture of him before we headed to church. He was too interested in the camera though, and it proved to be quite difficult to get a decent picture. I still think he looked quite dapper, even if the picture quality isn't the greatest

Christmas morning, Grampie, Grammie, and the Aunties, came over to our house for a breakfast of fruit salad, french toast, and bacon. Grammie and the Aunties were such a huge help in getting breakfast ready since this Momma was quite sick that morning! After breakfast, we all gathered in the living room and lit the last candle of our Advent wreath while Matt read the Christmas story to us. Of course, Brett had to help light the candles, because he had learned that whenever Daddy got out the lighter, the wreath candles got lit, and he would run to the wreath carrying the lighter trying to make the "fire" come out of it.

After our Advent wreath, it was time to open presents, and Brett enjoyed it to the fullest! Last year he was only 6 months old and didn't really get what he was supposed to do with the presents. This year though, he definitely knew what to do and enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper off his presents piece by piece. Every new present was a fresh excitement  for him.

Opening his stocking.

Opening his hedgehog book that he got from the "far away Grampie and Grammie." He immediately took it over to Grampie to have him read it to him. 

Trying out his new tractor.

A new sled from Daddy and Mommy. Daddy took him for a little ride around the house, and when they got done, Brett didn't want to get out, so he opened more presents while sitting in his sled.

We had to take a bit of a break around 11:30 because Brett was getting too tired and needed a nap, and Matt's family needed to get home to check on the roast beef they had in the oven for Christmas dinner.

Brett slept for about an hour and a half, and when he woke up, he was just as excited about his tractor as when he opened it. :-)

We went to Matt's parents' house for a delicious roast beef Christmas dinner and then opened gifts at their house after that. We got so busy celebrating that we didn't get any pictures of us opening presents at Grampie and Grammie's house. 

Later on in the afternoon, we were able to Skype with Tim and Becca and cousin Paul, and Brett enjoyed "talking" to another little person about his age. 

Jason and Rosanna arrived at Dad and Mom's in the early evening, and we had another round of opening gifts with them. We didn't get any pictures then, but the pictures below are of Brett enjoying the present they gave him a few days later.

We left Matt's parents around 7:00 that evening and were able to Skype with my folks in Nova Scotia before calling it a night. We enjoyed Christmas so much this year, and can't wait to celebrate as a family of four next December!

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Carol Baker said...

Good memories.hugs and kisses from far away Grammie.