Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Projects with My Man

This afternoon my sweet man devoted some time to helping me with some projects around the dooryard. He started out by mowing the lawn so that I wouldn't have to, and then helped me with a project I was completely at a loss how to do. Last Tuesday he took me to Home Depot and bought me decorative cement blocks to build up my flower garden around the stump on our front lawn. I spent the whole day last Wednesday trying to get the ground level enough so that my rows of blocks would be level, but had no clue what I was doing. By the end of the day I  was farther behind then when I started. This afternoon my man offered to help me with the project and show me how to set the blocks. He went right to work, and what I couldn't do in a whole day, he did in an afternoon!! I carried the blocks one by one to him as he needed them, and he leveled out the soil and set the blocks. In the end my little garden was completely surrounded with the blocks, and I was feeling like one spoiled girl. We love working on little projects around the house together, and enjoy spending the time with each other even more!!
Here are some pics of my man hard at work and the finished product of his labor. Thank you SO much, sweetheart, it turned out beautifully!!


Carol Baker said...

It looks very nice.You have a great hubby!Love Ma

Vicki said...

I definitely do!! He's the best!!!

Vanessa Bryan said...

Matt can do anything and he seems to just "know" and has never been taught. What a guy and greatest of all he cares enough to make a beautiful spot there for you. You've both done a great job and now's the time to do it. It has taken me three months to feel like I have the time to work on any projects again.