Friday, 10 May 2013

Piano Recital 2013

Every year my piano teacher holds a recital for her students to be able to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year. She usually has to split it up into two nights to be able to fit all of her students night would be too long. After months of practicing, last night was the night I was scheduled to play. After a busy day of running errands and going to appointments, I met Matt at the dealership and he took me to my recital. It is always so special to me when my man is able to escort me instead of having to go by myself!
The recital was held at a beautiful little place called Peaks Hill Lodge. It is a rustic place, tastefully decorated inside to fit the "rustic" feel.

Here is a panorama that Matt took to give you an idea of what it looks like.
I was scheduled to play 15th out of about 20 students that attended last night's recital, and played a piece called Flight of the Monarch written by Melody Bober. I fell in love with the piece as soon as I heard my teacher play it the first time, and even after having practiced it all these months and memorized it, I still love it. :-)

As you can see my music was well marked by the time I had it memorized and was ready to perform the piece. Mrs. Williams is very thorough in teaching and helping us memorize.

A picture Matt took of me playing from where he was sitting.
The Lord helped things to go very well, and I was able to forget all the people behind me and just enjoy playing my song.

Mrs. Williams and I after the recital.
Matt was incredibly sweet and bought me the dress I'm wearing especially for the occasion.  It made me feel beautiful which is not always easy to do with an ever increasing waistline. *wink* Thank you SO much, Babe!!
Matt's Dad, Mom, and sisters came to the recital too, and we all headed back home shortly after the recital was over, making a short stop for some ice cream before calling it a night. 


Carol Baker said...

Quite the chalet! Ma

Damaris Baker said...

Love the dress!!!!!!

Laura H. said...

I like the lodge!! That would have been perfect for our wedding reception.
Your dress looks very nice. I'm "countin' the days" now:-)

Vanessa Bryan said...

You are beautiful! I really understand that feeling though! Even when people say you look great you feel like it's some kind of joke. I wish I could have been there. It is a beautiful place. I seem to remember you attending one of April's recitals there when you and Matt were dating.

Vicki said...

Yes, the first time I came to Maine for a visit we went to April's recital there. I rode home with Matt and he barely said a word the whole way home.... just sang along with the CD he had playing in the car. Haha I thought he couldn't care less that I was there. :-)

Vicki said...

Thank you!! :-)

Vicki said...

Congrats on your new little bundle!! :-)