Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Good Job Done

As of yesterday morning we no longer have huge oak logs sitting on our lawn. The guys doing the milling arrived about 9:00 and finished milling the logs into boards. By 10:30 or so the job was done, and we had a stack of lumber sitting on our front lawn, along with a huge pile of sawdust.

This is what it looked like Thursday evening after the guys had left. They only had two logs to finish up the next day. Matt's Dad, Mom and the girls came over that night after supper and we loaded the truck up to get some of the lumber under cover in Dad's shop.

Altogether the guy doing the milling estimated we had about $1000 worth of lumber from our logs. He cut them into 8 foot lengths, but some of the boards are 14 inches wide! Matt said you probably wouldn't be able to buy them that wide. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful wood. It has a beautiful grain in it, and some of it even has a reddish tinge to it. I tried to capture some of it, but the picture doesn't really do it justice.

I started the task this morning of cleaning up the bark that was scattered around the lawn, and used a little of the sawdust to put around some of our bushes to keep the weeds down. I had what I could do to clean up the yard done by the time Mr. and Mrs. Jim arrived this afternoon to pick up the remaining sawdust and the log he had milled out. Dad, Mom, and Charity showed up not long after Mr. and Mrs. Jim arrived, and between the one ton truck Mr. Jim had borrowed and our truck we got the remaining lumber loaded to take to Dad's shop. 
Here is what it looked like this morning before I started cleaning up.

Tonight the lumber is all over at Dad's house and the mess is all cleaned up. Our lawn looks SO much better!! What a great project to have done! Thank you to Dad, Mom, and the girls for measuring and stacking this all tonight.

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