Friday, 10 April 2015

Days with Brett

Our days are busy making memories and living life. Pretty soon I'll have two little people to divide my attention between, so I'm trying to remember to spend as much time as possible with Brett while it's just him. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to in the last month or so.

 Governor LePage came to Ellsworth one evening, and Matt and Brett were able to go hear him speak. Afterwards, the Governor came over to shake Brett's hand, and they were able to get a picture together.

The first part of March poor Brett had to have surgery, something very much dreaded by a little boy who hates doctors and hospitals. We took lots of toys and books to occupy him while he waited to go to the OR. He tried to be brave and would often try to find something jolly to smile about even through the tears. He looked so adorable in his mini johnny shirt and hospital pants, that we had to snap a picture even though he didn't feel much like posing. 

He came through surgery perfectly, and by the time we got home he was climbing on chairs and acting pretty much like his normal self. We bought him a balloon from the gift shop while he was in surgery, and he kept exclaiming about the puppy on it when he got home. :-)

On one of Matt's days off he and Brett took me to get my hair done, and they spent some "guy time" together while they waited for me to be finished. Of course, "guy time" included stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a bite to eat ( and wearing sunglasses on your head just like Dad).

After Mommy got her hair done we met up with Dad, Mom, Pam, and Rachel, to go shooting at the new gun range at Maine Military Supply. Grammie and Auntie Rachel very sweetly sat in the truck with a sleeping
Winkie, while Matt and I and Dad and Pam went in to shoot. When we were done, we couldn't resist picking up this little coon skin hat for Brett that we had spied on the way in. We went to Dad and Mom's for supper afterwards, and we all had to try to get pictures of Davy Crockett and his hat.

 Brett's favorite thing to play with Daddy when he gets home from work is Lincoln Logs. Of course everyone knows that you can't play Lincoln Logs unless you wear the plastic rooves from the set on your head. *wink*

A haircut for Brett on one of Daddy's days off....

... and inspecting how well Daddy did in Mommy's mirror afterward.

 Daddy went up to the gun range again to practice his shooting and Brett and Mommy waited in the truck. Brett occupied himself by driving and talking on the "phone."

When we got home, Daddy and Brett had to clean their guns. Matt is such a patient Daddy and lets Brett do things just like him, even though it takes twice as long. Brett had so much fun using Daddy's brushes to clean his nerf gun, and helping Daddy clean his revolver.

Helping Mommy vacuum the house while tidying up one weekend. 

Our very own real, live jack-in-the-box. Daddy had just gotten a package in the mail, and there is nothing more fun than being able to get in the empty box when Daddy is done with it.

Brett came into the living room looking like this one morning. I couldn't help but think he looked like a typical teenager these days with his beanie and aviators. Matt and I both got a good laugh out of it.

We found out we are having a little sister, and we couldn't be more excited!!!

Brett came down with a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, and  ended up having to take antibiotics for an ear infection. I knew he wasn't feeling too well when I looked over on the couch and found he had fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon while watching Thomas the Train. 

He spent four days just lying on the couch with a fever, bad cough, and runny nose, but I knew he was starting to feel better when he got up and put on Mommy's hat and Daddy's shoes. 

 Brett stayed with the Bamfords this past Saturday while I took a concealed weapons class. He made this craft for me while he was there. It's displayed on my fridge right now, but it will be one of those special things that makes its way into my keepsake box.

Morning coffee with Dad and Mom on a day off, out of the tin mug Grampie and Grammie McFarland gave him for Christmas.

A special Thomas the Tank Engine coloring page to occupy an active little boy on a rainy spring morning.


johnnfawn said...

Thank you for all the pictures they made me smile and cry. We love and miss you . I can't believe how big he has gotten. I am sure he is bigger than Carlie Jane. She is still easily in 12 month close and all 2t is so big it about falls off her.
Thank you again for sharing some of your time with us.

Unknown said...

Such a cute little boy!! I think that charming nature about him is a trait that he inherited from his Uncle Kenny :)

Carol Baker said...

Grandma's darling boy.Growing up too fast.XOXO from grandma.