Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Roof Trouble

We've had a lot of trouble this winter with our roof leaking because of ice damns that built up from all the snow. Poor Matt did everything he could think of to try to fix the problem including taking a day off work so that he could spend it up on our roof chopping ice with an axe and shoveling snow. He was even up there in the middle of the night once trying to stop leaks! When he was just about to the end of his ideas and energy, Seth and Rachel took a day off work and came down to help out. Their visit was such a huge blessing to both of us, and they spoiled us rotten!! Matt and Seth spent most of the day clearing snow off the roof and breaking up ice damns where they needed to, and Rachel and I were able to visit and watch our little boys play together. Rachel even brought lunch for us, so that I didn't need to worry about fixing a meal for everyone. It was a very productive day physically and emotionally, and we appreciated their kindness SO much!!

Here is what our roof looked like even after Matt, with some help from Jay, had put in hours of work on several different days. 

Our back deck had not been shoveled off all winter long, and with the extra snow that the guys shoveled off from the roof, I was afraid our deck might collapse. As you can see, the piles were up above the deck railing!  After they were done with the roof, Matt and Seth tackled shoveling it off, and by the end of the afternoon, the deck was snow free. I'm sure this is the tallest Seth has felt in years! :-)

Before Seth and Rachel had to go home, we were able to go out for supper with them. They introduced us to the Longhorn Steakhouse which serves DELICIOUS food!!! Brett and Tyler got to sit together and had so much fun drinking out of straws for the first time.

We are so thankful as well, for all of the time and effort Matt's parents have put into our roof this winter. They have spent more than one afternoon at our house shoveling snow and ice off our roof. I'm sure we'd still be dealing with leaks, if they had not helped us out. We didn't get pictures of all their hard labor, but we still appreciate it more than words can say!!

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