Monday, 2 December 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year, and although it was a lot of work, it was so much fun as well. I enjoyed planning the menu right down to the smallest detail (such as pickles and cranberry sauce) , shopping for all the groceries (my shopping cart was loaded high), and cooking dinner from scratch. Our friends, Seth and Rachel and their little guy, Tyler, came down the night before and spent the night. We had so much fun letting our little boys get more acquainted and doing things together with them.
Matt and Seth spent Thanksgiving morning cutting up a couple of fallen trees over at Matt's folks' house and Rachel and I looked after our babies and peeled veggies for dinner.
 There were ten of us for dinner and we sat down to dinner around 1:30 and feasted on a huge turkey dinner with all the fixings.... potatoes, squash, turnip, sweet potato, peas, and corn, with stuffing, cranberry sauce, dill pickles, and a sweet  pistachio salad for side dishes. Matt's sisters and I had gotten together the day before and made five different kinds of pies for the dessert.
After dinner and cleaning up the dishes we spent the afternoon chatting and relaxing. A good time was had by all and I think the only major faux pas for the day was forgetting to serve the whipped cream with the pumpkin pie. :(   Oh well, a lesson learned for next time.

Brett and Tyler had fun spending time together. :)

Enjoying our Thanksgiving feast. (Please excuse the terrible picture of me.)

4 comments: said...

Sounds like fun .

Carol Baker said...

Looks like they enjoyed the meal!

johnnfawn said...

Brett looks so big beside Tyler! I really wanted to see Tyler too. Thanks for posting the pictures. They clearly will be great friends :-)Your meal looks wonderful and so homey. Just like Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want"

Laura H. said...

That is a full table!! Looks like the boys were scheming up some sort of mischief together.