Monday, 3 June 2013

Saturday and Sunday

We had such a busy, productive day Saturday, that I didn't take any pictures. We decided to start the day out a little earlier and try to get some things done before it got SO hot. By 11:00 that morning, we had put up a clothesline, mowed the lawn, Matt had tilled the garden, I spread manure over it, and he had tilled it again. By that time it was getting pretty hot, so we came in, got cleaned up, and headed to town.
 Matt had some birthday money and I had a little piano lesson money saved up that we put together and bought a porch swing for our new deck. We had seen it a few days earlier, and had tried it out at the store deeming it very comfy. I had mentioned picking up a couple of lawn chairs, but jumped on the idea of a porch swing instead. In no time the swing was purchased and loaded into the back of the truck, and we were headed home for a busy afternoon after grabbing a bite to eat in town as well as a grass trimmer to keep our yard looking spiffy.
It was our week to clean the church, so that was the next thing on our "To Do" list when we got back from town. We had that done in about an hour, and we headed home and assembled our new swing and the grass trimmer. I hung out some clothes on my new clothesline, and then Matt and I took turns trimming up our lawn. By supper time our dooryard looked amazing. Here is the one picture Matt took of our Saturday activities.

We ate supper out on the deck for the first time Saturday night! It was so beautiful and relaxing out there! I could have stayed there forever! After supper we made a quick run to the grocery store to pick up a few supplies before heading to Dad and Mom's to return their tiller. We stayed and had some ice cream with them, before heading home to grab showers and fall into bed. Not before Matt had cut down a bush near the front of our lawn that was full of tent caterpillars, though. :-) We enjoyed our productive day together, and found ourselves wishing Matt's vacation wouldn't end.
My ever faithful photographer had his camera ready last night when we showed up at church last night to find a little excitement happening. Somebody pulled into the church parking lot before church last night with their car smoking. Some of Matt's sisters were at the church singing and saw the car pull in, went out to see if they could help, and found the car starting to flame with the lady who owned it trying to beat out the fire with a blanket. Pam tried to call 911, but the phone in the church wouldn't dial through. I'm not sure of the timing of all that happened next, but somewhere in the next few minutes Mr.Jim had been alerted and had arrived with a fire extinguisher, giving it to the lady and grabbing another one from the church to try to help. Also around the same time one of the Sedgwick firefighters happened to be driving by, saw what was happening, and radioed in the fire department for them. The fire did spread to a couple of trees, but by the time we got there, the fire had been put out, and the trucks were starting to clean up to leave. I felt bad for the poor lady, but she seemed to be doing OK, and thankfully nobody was hurt and the fire didn't spread any further.


Leah Bamford said...

I came on here looking to see if you'd posted about last night and was not disappointed:-) Wish I could send you some pics of the fire to put up, but I didn't get any pictures until after it was out. Love the clothesline and swing, by the way!

Vicki said...

I should have had you do a guest post for me, since you actually saw all if the action!! Fill us in if I didn't get some if the details right! :-)

Carol Baker said...

Look who's enjoying hanging out clothes on her new line! Before you know it there will be baby clothes on it.:-)Love Ma

Vicki said...

The clothes smelled so good when I brought them in! I can't wait to wash some of our baby clothes this week and hang them out! :-)