Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This Day Is Thine

This Day Is Thine
This day is thine, a shining gift from heaven,
Gleaned for thy use from treasuries of time,
Given in trust to hold until the even,
This day is thine, a sacred charge sublime.
This day is thine, to be what thou shalt make it,
Hidden in self or used in service fine;
When thou shalt bring it back again to Him who gave it,
What will it be, this golden day of thine?
This day is thine, thy yesterdays are finished,
Soon will the present join the changeless past;
Will its bright hours be greater for thy keeping
Or by the dreaded rust of waste o'er cast?
This day is thine, there may be no tomorrows,
This day is thine from dawn till setting sun;
May thou at even, like a worthy steward,
Hear in thy heart the Master's words, "Well done."
-Verna Whinery
photo credit: Rachel McFarland

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Hi Torrie ,
Wonder were u find all your wonderful spiritual poems